A Short Selection


Short, Drama/Thriller

An innocent mix-up leads to disaster when two girlfriends encounter an extraterrestrial substance at a winter music festival.

Currently playing in festivals around the world!



Awkward Sunrise

“It’s shot crisply, and it ranges from ‘so relatable’ to delightfully silly, without ever forcing a punchline.”   – Nick Douglas, “Slackstory


The Trojan Cow

AFI Thesis, Short, Drama

Two teenagers are illegally transported across the East German border inside a hollow cow. An unexpected love story blossoms in the midst of a dangerous situation.

TheTrojanCow2 L-R Daniel Roesner, Malona Voigt

Academy of Television, Arts and Sciences – College Television Awards 2006: 1st Place Drama and Best Directing
Short List for Academy Awards 2007, Life Action Short
USA Film Festival 2006 – Best Dramatic Short & Grand Jury Prize
Angelus Film Festival 2006 – Patrick Peyton Award
Jackson Hole Film Festival 2006 – Best Student Short
Recipient of the Franklin J. Schaffner AFI Fellow Award 2006
Golden Star Shorts Fest 2006 – Finalist
Reel Women International Film Festival 2006 – Honorable Mention
Florida Film Festival 2006
Max Ophuels Preis Film Festival 2006




USC School of Cinematic Arts Thesis, Short, Drama

He wanted to see the world. She wanted him to see her.

Vacation Photo 2